High Strength Free Flow Non Shrink Grout

KEM NS1 is ready to use dry powder supplied in 25kg bags. it is a high strength, non-metallic, Portland cement based material with expansive additives designed for grouting Steel Columns, machinery Foundations, Bearing Plates, Pre-cast Concrete, Anchoring Applications and duct filling purposes.

The Non-Shrink Capabilities of NS1 NON-Shrink general purpose grout makes it stable and capable of handling high load transfers.

The 25kg premixed bag is mixed with water of approximately 4.25 liters for Pourable grade and 4.75 liters for flow able grade.

Pourable grade non-shrink grout yields 13 liters of Pourable Non-Shrink Grout and Flow able grade yields 13.7 Liters of Flow able Grade from a 25kg bag of Grout.

Easy to use:  This product is very easy to use, because the final product is ready by just adding water to it. The product is pre-packed in controlled conditions for consistency in quality.

Free Flowing: The Non-Shrink Grout fills up voids completely. There is no need for Compaction of material in the voids. No vibrator / Vibration is required.

Non-Shrinking: The Non-Shrink Grout occupies the filled space permanently without any shrinkage.

Very High Early and Final Strength: Achieves high early strength above 45mpa at 28 days.

Non-metallic: Does not contain any metals thus prevents Rusting in the grouted foundation.

Chloride-Free: Does not contain any chloride thus prevents corrosion in the foundation.

Resistant to oil and water: The Non-Shrink grout is resistant to Oil and Water.

Setting Time: Pourable Grade – 3.5 – 4.5 Hours
Flow able Grade – 4.0 – 5.0 Hours

How to use :

Surface preparation :

Remove all Dirt, grease and other bond-inhibiting materials by mechanical means (Using Wire brush). Metal Anchors and Bolts to be grouted must be degreased with suitable solvents. Concrete must be sound and roughened to promote mechanical adhesion. Before pouring, Surface should be bought to saturated surface dry condition. Steel should be cleaned and prepared thoroughly. For Pourable grout, construct forms to retain grout without leakage.

Mixing :

Mix manually or mechanically using a Putty mixer blade or paddle.

Make sure all forming, mixing, placing and cleanup materials are on hand. Add appropriate quantity of clean water to achieve desired flow of grout.

Application :

Within 15 minutes after mixing, place grout into forms in normal manner to avoid air pockets.

Additional Information :
  • Delivery Time: Ready Stock
  • Packaging Details: 25kg bags