Educating Yourself on the Benefits of Lightweight Durabloc

You’re a trusted resource and advisor to the owners, architects and site engineers you work with, so your education on our lightweight Durabloc can be of great value to them and the projects you manage.

Our Price is Better

You increase your margins by using Durabloc. Durabloc has higher performance and is more durable than brick, yet is finished in less time and costs no more than the alternatives. And since general labor is all that’s needed for installation, and with far fewer call-backs and problems to address due to its ease of use, you lower your purchase pricing numbers with Durabloc.

Durabloc has the same or lower cost per m2 as bricks and AAC blocks requiring not only a more skilled workforce, but also requiring special material needs. Discover how when you project is made using Durabloc Technology you save significantly twice with Durabloc over the competing options.

Durabloc Is Simple to Use

Avoid the potential headaches and problems at site, and greatly reduce the possibility of call-backs by using Durabloc. Simple to install, with Durabloc you have no worries about finding the special mortar and plaster necessary with AAC products, since our product uses normal mortar and plaster.

And again, Durabloc is so easy to use that general labor is all that is needed, since it uses the same installation method and materials that they know well — just like bricks.

Durabloc is 150% longer than normal blocks, allowing rapid installation. Our block dimensions are 200 / 228 mm high x 600 mm long and come in various thicknesses: 100mm , 150 mm , 200mm and 228 mm.

Finish the Job More Quickly And Save Money

With the simple and fast Durabloc , you hire fewer workers at lower levels of skill, and pay, than alternatives. And finding reliable labor in Tamilnadu, Andrapradesh, Kerala & Karnataka can be difficult. Worry less about finding and retaining the right people to get your jobs done on schedule when you use easy to install Durabloc.

With readily available materials, you can also forget about waiting for payments from owners because product delays caused you to miss milestones and completion deadlines.

How Fast is Installation?

Fast.Though it uses the same basic installation method as brick, they (bricks) can be installed at about 5-10 m2 per team per day, in comparison to Durabloc at about 20-25m2 per day. That’s 2 to 5 times faster!

Top 6 Benefits of Using Durabloc :

Of course you are specifying products right now, so you assuredly have many questions as to why you should switch to or add Durabloc to your specs. Durabloc has the same or better performance than all other products used to build walls, and out growing international exposure and brand awareness reflect this. And we would absolutely love to have a more detailed conversation with you on these performance and cost benefits below. But in brief terms:

Durabloc is Easy to Use

Your Benefit: Durabloc is very easy to use during installation. This means you can utilize less skilled, and more readily-available, labor in the markets you serve — saving money and keeping your projects on track in terms of deadlines for start date, completion date and payment milestones.

Durabloc Has Low Water Absorption

Your Benefit: Durabloc can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms, avoiding the need to waterproof first as is necessary with AAC blocks or use bricks in conjunction with AAC, which unnecessarily adds to the complexity and cost of your projects.

Better In-Place Heat Insulation

Your Benefit: Just one of the many other performance benefits that we can share with you, that make using Durablocs a very easy choice to make.

Lightweight Durabloc are a Much “Greener” Product than Brick

Your Benefit : Many owners are increasingly more interested in the effect their projects have on the environment based on personal beliefs and due to scrutiny by governmental agencies, project stakeholders and users, and the general public.

Fewer Problems After Project is Complete

Your Benefit : Of course, going back to a job you thought was done — and should be, when the right product is in place – costs you valuable time and money. Reduce or completely eliminate issues with wall paper, fungus growth, future power shortages and more by specifying Durabloc.